The Crew

51 Racing are a thundercat racing team
based in Pembrokeshire West Wales,
competing under the helm of Principle
and Driver Simon Harding since 2010.

Team Wales

Based in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales

Simon HardingTeam Principal and Driver

Simon is in charge of logistics, maintenance and race preparation, as well as race strategy on the water. Simon spent his early years riding race horses for the Sheik Mohammed in Newmarket before injury put a stop to his career. Ever positive, Simon took to the water to help aid his recovery and soon found a love for speed and crashing through the waves. He took a job with his local Council as a water sports instructor and spent his spare time racing powerboats.

Mark Lloyd – Co Pilot

Mark served in the parachute regiment for six years before being injured in Afghanistan in 2011. The injury occurred whilst under heavy contact with rounds landing at his feet and no cover. Mark made a snap decision to jump into the only cover available, an irrigation ditch, only to find out it was 20ft deep. With the 100lbs+ of kit he was carrying, he landed heavily resulting in a serious spinal injury across several vertebrate. Through sheer will power Mark finished the tour but as a result made the injury progressively worse. When he returned to the UK he underwent surgery. He was unable to walk for a time and subsequently got medically discharged. After two years of solid rehabilitation Mark decided it was time to challenge himself physically again. Powerboat racing seemed to be the perfect sport! During his first year of racing, Mark piloted for, and mentored a team of disabled soldiers on their path to recovery. He achieved an overall position of 7th in the UK Championships, and after qualifying for the World Championships, placed 11th. Mark joined the 51 Racing team early in 2017 and together their goal is to win the next UK championship. Mark continues to have an active relationship with the military community and in 2016 was selected to compete at the Invictus Games along side Prince Harry.